In today’s turbulent business landscape, managing reputational risk and protecting stakeholder value is critical. Crisis communication is an essential tool for companies facing a critical situation when fast, considered communication strategies are needed to better understand, provide context and potentially diffuse any threat.


Crisis and issue communication


Aprio can help protect value through enhancing company reputations, including those of its leadership, in a wide range of situations. This includes profit warnings, environmental and operational accidents, boardroom disputes, hostile takeovers, external threats, executive changes, employee litigation, internal fraud, competition enquiries, labour disputes, strike action and trade union campaigns.

In times of crisis, we can offer the following proactive and reactive rapid response strategies:

  • Identify potential risk areas
  • Counsel clients on the best ways in which to manage a crisis situation
  • Devise and action relevant communication plans
  • Communicate with all stakeholders to diffuse potentially damaging situations
  • Manage investor relations and media liaison requirements quickly and effectively