Aprio has exceptional credentials across a range of learning and development programmes for executives and communication specialists. Principal trainer Alan Arguile has delivered more than 1,200 skills development interventions across Africa, and every training programme we present is designed specifically to meet your organisational goals.


Training and development


Our stress-tested coaching and development solutions extend across a wide range of communication disciplines, including:


Our in-house lead trainer has personally presented more than 900 media training sessions across the continent. Clients include at least one of the top two companies in each of the JSE listed sectors, global professional services firms, state owned enterprises, government departments and NGOs. Alan's unique case study approach to the principles and practices of effective media engagement has seen some global firms use his services more than 100 times for partner training sessions.


Principal trainer Alan Arguile has written speeches for State Presidents and company CEOs, but these days focuses more on helping executives deliver their content effectively. Communication and presentation training clients include Fortune 500 and JSE-listed companies, while one of  SA's largest state-owned enterprises has invited him back 21 times to help equip and  empower their senior management with the skills that will help effectively inform,
inspire and influence their stakeholders.


An issue ignored is a crisis ensured. Issue management training equips you to identify the  warning signs that generally precede a corporate crisis, recognise the dominant sources  of organisational crises and plan accordingly, and generally build, sustain and defend your  reputational capital if a crisis breaks.


An intensive immersion for junior practitioners through to Master Classes for seasoned  industry veterans, Aprio has trained communication staff from Fortune 500  companies through to JSE industry leaders. Bespoke courses can range from a day  through to a week, and cover areas from employee engagement and stakeholder research  design through to social media skills and reputation science.


According to Prof. Howard Gardner of Harvard University, stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal. You are 22 times more likely to remember a well-crafted and authentically-told story than a set of facts. Our principal trainer has helped the leadership teams of JSE-listed organisations to source, craft and share stories that ignite organisational change, powerfully illustrate success and failure, simplify complex information, articulate their vision and values – and a host of other narratives that can inspire, educate and influence communities.